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As a clickbench client, you are not alone. In addition to our core hosted web analytics services, a full range of professional services are available for planning, implementation and interpretation.


If you would rather have someone else implement the insertion of tracking codes into your web site, you can opt to contract our experienced consultants do this for you.


If you need help interpreting the web statistics collected by clickbench, you can arrange for telephone conference consultations.

audit opinions

If you require independent third party confirmation of your traffic, we will compile historical traffic statistics and certify the resulting document. These confirmations usually employed when negotiating the sale of a site. This service is available to clients with at least six months of traffic history stored with clickbenh.

Your visitors know what they want.

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to start listening to your visitors

1 choose the plan that's right for you

2 sign up by entering your email address and a password

3 activate your account by supplying funding details

4 insert the provided html tracking code into your web pages

5 start listening to your visitors and turn them into customers

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Money Back Guarantee

Every new account is covered by a NO RISK 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you cancel for any reason during the first month, your first 30 days of tracking fees are refunded with no questions asked. Feedback is welcome though!