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Why does the homepage not display a menu?
We have not formally launched. The internal web pages are meant for invited guests. We also allow indexing engines in to position our pages in advance of our formal launch.

Does sales tracking work with a third party payment site?
Yes. You set your sale amount on the thank you page that your customer is redirected to by the payment site. This is also the method used by networks having multiple domains but a single domain they use for payment processing.

Can I ignore my own traffic?
Yes. You can create a page on your site that will set a cookie value that will cause your usage of the site to be ignored. The html code to do this is available from the account administration panel .

How do I group multiple sites together?
Grouping is handled by the usage of group numbers. As long as a page uses the same group number it will be in that group. You can mix and match grouping in multiple sites or singles sites as desired.

What advantage is there over log files?
The beacon script determines the referring page by reading internal browser data. Server logs determine the page referrer by parsing the http-referer header. Therefore even if the http-referer header is being blocked, a beacon script will be able to record the page referer.

Why is latency important?
Server latency measures the time that a server takes to respond to a file request. A slow third party server will make your site look slow to users no matter how fast your site.

Why is the web beacon javascript file served remotely?
There are two reasons for this. First, it allows the javascript to be upgraded without changing your site. Second, it ensures that the proper caching headers are sent for best page rendering performance.

What performance impact is there?
The first time a user hits your site they will load the traffic counting javascript file. On subsequent pages and sessions they will use the copy that is cached on their hard drive. The requests used for traffic measurement purposes are extremely small and fast. There is no impact on your server at all.

Why is scalability important?
It ensures that your site remains fast even during traffic spikes and when your site grows.

How have you addressed performance?
We use proprietary multi-threaded server software where every coding decision was based on performance. The software is deployed on enterprise class hardware in a high performance network environment. It is fully scalable both vertically and horizontally.

How much capacity do you have?
At this time, we can handle 2000 requests per second at steady state. This is equivalent to 172,800,000 requests per day. Maximum burst rate is 5000 requests per second. 95th percentile response latency at the network port is 0.0005 seconds.

Why is uptime important?
Besides losing traffic stats, a traffic counting server that is unavailable will cause your pages to stall while the browser waits on a server that will never answer.

How do I enable stats on my site?
You only need to add a small html code fragment that we provide to each of your web pages. If you use a template system then it only needs to be added to the template. There is no server software to install.

How do I see my stats?
You use our web analytics workbench software on your local computer. The software is available for Windows 2000/XP/2003 as a free download. You will also need an internet connection to download collected stats.

Are all basic data tracked?
Yes, provided javascript is enabled. If javascript is not enabled, at least the page visit is tracked.

What additional data points are tracked?
Additional tracking is provided for file downloads, exit pages, page load time, page view time, purchase amounts.

Aren't there other stats?
Yes, but they are derived from the base data collected so we don't count them as base data points. They are described fully in the user manual.

What about visits by robots?
These requests will not show up as collected data points. This allows you to look at real visitor statistics without the noise generated by automated requests. However, you can integrate the data from log files using the log integration feature of the workbench software.

What about server logs?
You can integrate server log data using the log integration feature of the workbench software.

What about enhancements and modifications?
If you have an idea for an enhancement or additional metric, please contact us. If it is suitable for inclusion in our software we would be glad to add it. You can also obtain custom development from us at standard consulting rates.

What purpose does the link in the code serve?
It helps us to get better known. It also allows you to be credited for service fee rebates as a result of signups from visitors to your website.

Can we remove the anchor text in the supplied code?
Of course. However, we appreciate any mention of our services that you are able to give us.

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