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In the first week of using clickbench one client learned that many visitors were arriving in search of a specific product class. A product class they had considered a sideline in seven years on the internet. They now promote it heavily and profitably.

As a matter of fact, after we introduced keyword profitablility analysis, they now examine all their search terms and are able to bid confidently in their ppc campaigns.

The same client also learned that over 30 percent of their traffic came from sources traceable to click fraud. This knowledge became an important tool in the renegotiation of their traffic promotion deals.

These important discoveries were possible because analytics arranged and highlighted the relevant facts. Facts that had been missed in scanning the 400MB of logs their sites generated everyday. In reality, the logs were so big and cumbersome that they were rarely studied.

Applying the power of analytics can do two things:

Both translate into a better results.

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