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The entire web analytics system has been carefully engineered and tested to be transparent. Your visitors will never be disturbed by the presence of web analytics on your pages. The famous "A Runtime Error has occurred. Do you wish to Debug? Line: nnn Object expected." popup message that is seen so often elsewhere just won't happen to your visitors. Neither will their pages hang while waiting for a server response. Everything will run just as smoothly as it did before you started using web analytics.

ssl compatible

If you also use secure ssl pages on your sites, you will be glad to know that our web analytics system transparently handles ssl pages. All interactions with our servers are ssl enabled, and a valid security policy is in place so that the user is not disturbed by spurious warnings.

first party cookies

The web analytics tracking code uses only first party cookies. This satisfies the default browser and anti-spyware security settings of most users. First party cookies avoid disturbing users with browser warnings about third party cookies.

easy implementation

Whether you are using static html, php, asp or jsp, IIS or Apache, adding web analytics to your site is easy. Just copy the tracking code from your control panel to your pages. Detailed statistics collection will start immediately. No access to raw logs or other facilities on your web server is needed.

easy administration

Adminstration is performed using an explorer like interface using your browser over a secure ssl connection to our backend servers. Everything is at your fingertips. You can administer sites, users and permissions on a fine grained level. You can grant permissions for guests and delegate adminstrative powers to others.

A person could be an administrator on one site, a user on another site, and a guest on yet another site. Even if they originate from multiple master accounts, the user has a single signon and a unified control panel showing them the appropriate views according to their user privileges.

unlimited sites and domains

There is no limit to the number of sites, domains or users you can add to your account. There is no need to create separate accounts or remember multiple user names. Everything is at your fingertips in one place. There are no additional charges for making these additions.

unique tracking codes

All tracking codes are unique to each site. There is no public connection to your master account or any other site.

powerful statistics

The first thing you will see when you open your control panel is a graphical, colour coded status page. There are 12 gauges covering visitor activity, sales, referrals and server performance. If you understand traffic lights, you can understand these alerts.

Dozens of summary reports are available with drilldown capabilities to detailed reports. These reports cover the standard areas of sales performance, site performance, visitor traffic, visitor demographics, visitor referrals, browser configurations. The base data includes separate numbers for page loading and page reading times.

Search engine activity reports are grouped by the dozens of search engines which the system is able to identify. The search engine list includes all of the top tier search engines as well as lesser known engines and private branded search. Coverage includes all language variants. This is especially useful for sites developing international traffic.

Reports are available for both individual keywords and the search terms in which they are included. The reports feature hyperlinks to the linked pages and to third party pay per click keyword exploration tools.

Exit tracking is fully implemented as a core feature. This enables publishers for ad networks such as adsense to track the success of their ad campaigns. Others will use it to track downloads and gauge study the attractiveness of other outbound links on their sites.

Full url tracking is a core feature. The complete url is reported including query variables such as campaign identifiers. This is especially helpful when analysing the success of landing pages for specific ad campaigns. It is also useful when implementing multi-link studies within the site.

Session identifier removal is a core feature. This removes query variables that are related to session tracking from your reports. Some examples are phpsessionid, sessionid, cfid, and cftoken. This permits full url tracking without causing every page request reported to be identified as a unique page in your reports.

high availability

The multi-tier architecture of the system ensures the most reliable operation possible. The design is capable of responding to browser requests and collecting data even in the event of a complete failure of the backend systems. Your data and site reputation are always safe.

The front end click responders have a maximum processing latency under load of less than 0.0005 seconds as observed at the network level while responding to sustained a load of 20k requests per second.

The back end data stores can respond to sustained loads of 5k requests per second.

The crossbar architecture allows any combination of front end responders and backend data stores to be cross connected transparently.

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Money Back Guarantee

Every new account is covered by a NO RISK 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you cancel for any reason during the first month, your first 30 days of tracking fees are refunded with no questions asked. Feedback is welcome though!